A toile is a practice calico (cheap fabric) version of the garment you are making to see if it will actually work. It is essential in the design process as it is a true representation of what the final piece of clothing will look like. At the Whitehouse we have to pattern make and sew everything ourselves, so this process is a great learning curve. Once a toile has been made we then have ‘toile checks’ with our teachers. Often changes are made during this time and another toile will have to be drafted up. This process is repeated until the final design is perfect and then you can move on to creating your clothing in the actual fabrics!

photo 1Skirt 1photo 2Skirt 2


These images represent the final toile of my zippered skirt and then the final product!

If you want to see my design process and inspiration for this skirt go to the blog:



Me rocking a full calico outfit! This is a friend’s three piece
collection in the toiling process – Ebony Fraser


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