Remember My Name…


It feels so amazing! I am being recognised for my latest work left, right and centre!!!

My AW15 collection was received very well at my panel assessment last week, and it has been a whirlwind since then. In the panel, Leanne Whitehouse, founder of the Whitehouse Institute of Design was so impressed that she took some photos and instantly posted them to the university’s instagram!

La Peluche whitehouse close up

La Peluche whitehouse share


The full length image has been shared numerous times since, even by my old school Scotch Oakburn College and the APEX Australian Teenage Fashion Awards group!

La Peluche school shareLa Peluche apex share


My creations were then involved in a professional photoshoot by the Whitehouse on Monday and will possibly be used in upcoming promotions for the university. My collection is also going to be featured at¬†Melbourne Whitehouse’s Open Day this Friday and Saturday (19 & 20 June) in the runway show at 12:30pm. It will be great to have as much support as possible so come along if you are free.

La Peluche whitehouse pics


I just want to thank all those people out there who believe in me… thank you for helping my dreams come true!


More photos from my AW15 collection to come and also the inspiration and concept behind the whole thing.

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