Online Presence

Technology has significantly changed our world.




With 82.3% of Australia’s population online as of 2012, and 67% of this group regularly using social media platforms, it amazed me whilst doing my research to find that only 27% of small businesses have a social media presence according to the Yellow Social Media Report, June 2012. Only 15% of this group are connecting with customers or fans via business pages on Facebook.


For businesses, a social media presence builds community, creates an easy way to get your message out instantly, encourages loyalty, and it makes your name rank higher in an online Google search. It costs nothing, but time.


An online presence for businesses is a powerful marketing and communicating tool globally, 24/7. It is cost efficient and almost a requirement to be successful in this modern era.

I wondered how important it is for businesses to have an online presence.




My brother gave a seminar to 150 Business partners and CEOs in Melbourne recently, recommending that they become engaged with potential clients through social media platforms. Current statistics are showing that there is up to a $1 million advantage in earnings to those who are using social media successfully, than those who are not.



Social Media platforms are created by and owned by someone else. Therefore it is very important to have my own website and links back to my website from Facebook and Pinterest.



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