My Brand…

Branding a business isn’t just about a name; it’s about creating an essence of who you are and promoting that publicly.

brand-identity-logo-explained1In fashion the logo becomes the brand and as I am using my name, Megan Rose, I wanted it to be bold but not overly detailed. I wanted the design to be contemporary and simple, whilst at the same time, not to be over powering.

In the future, if I design menswear, I would need to look at redesigning my label to suit this clientele.

This is the beginning of my ‘Megan Rose’ journey and I am seriously thinking about making this my business and label in the future.

I am interested in attracting a female audience and believe that my label should reflect this.To create my feminine design I did market research to see what other designers have used (shapes, colours, fonts, sizes).




I was enticed to contemporary fonts; clean, black lines; acute angles; but wanted to include a sense of softness hence the pink and the hearts.


The hearts are a 1:1 ratio of width to height, with a bright pink accent.

The font is century gothic, all in capital letters.

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