It’s all about the name…

Megan Rose Student Directed InquiryI recently went to the big apple, New York City and I got to walk the streets and see the fashions. Going into high end stores I realised that fashion is all about the name that you are wearing.


In the Vera Wang ready-to-wear store, there was only one dress that I actually liked, though people still want to wear it because it is Vera. With that in mind, her wedding dresses are my absolute favourite; however you are not allowed to go into this store unless you have an appointment booked long in advance.

I also went into the Ralph Lauren store. The layout and feature colours of the store were very effective in creating a nice environment and the clothes were technically very well sewn. It is amazing how some of the items in the store are of very simple designs, just because it has the Ralph Lauren logo and branding on it, what may have been an item under $100; now $500 plus price tag.


With all of this being said, I aspire to be a mid to high range fashion designer one day, and having this opportunity to see some of the stores of the most famous designers known worldwide was so amazing and eye opening. Megan Rose is the name of my branding and I hope that this could one day be a well-known designer name like these. I have had some Megan Rose merchandise made over the past couple of months and this is the premier of the items here.


Below are my silk labels to sew into garments, badges, stickers and of course, business cards.


Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry 4

Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry 2

Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry 1

Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry 3

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