Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry1

I am very lucky at Scotch Oakburn College to be offered the opportunity to do an independent study that is TQA assessed and counts towards my final score. For my Student Directed Inquiry I am taking the opportunity to enable myself to delve further into the world of fashion and gain an insight into the business side of the industry. I am using an original topic, ‘that the world wide web offers amazing opportunities for a young designer like me.’

Through this study, I aim to set the foundations of what could one day be my own business and label. I want to teach myself to sew more proficiently and produce a collection of garments that is actually assessed technically and not just on the overall look and impact. I am also going to create a fashion runway to showcase my design and work from over the year in October before my exam.

Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry2I have had an interest in fashion since I can remember. My mother used to make me clothes and she is the one who taught me how to sew. In year eight, the school gave us a project with which we had to spend approximately 20 hours producing something that interested us. This was my first real opportunity to experiment with creativity in the form of wearable art. It wasn’t until I was given about 60 peacock feathers that inspiration struck me. Through this process I learnt how to work with unlikely dress materials such as the feathers and putting that together with the bits of fabric.

Through the school, I also found out about the APEX Australian Teenage Fashion Awards. This competition has given me inspiration and an eye opening experience over the past three years which has only extended my love of fashion.

This Student Directed Inquiry is yet another opportunity for me to delve into my passion and create a possibility for my future.

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