Goodbye for now…

I have almost finished this final year of school and my project is coming to an end. I have my presentation exam for my Student Directed Inquiry in just a couple of days.


I started out this year just researching Paris Fashion Week and other major fashion shows across the globe.

viktor-and-rolf-refinery 2WhiteI then had the amazing opportunity to go to the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week.

Megan Rose Student Directed Inquiry 1White

Now I have had my own turn on the runway, experiencing both the preparation and the backstage components of a fashion show.

Megan Rose Fettke Student Directed Inquiry 2White


I have used the internet for my Student Directed Inquiry, not just for promotion of my own business, but to research into the world of fashion. I have been able to source free advice on pattern making; business; designers; and fashion events. This has allowed me to extend my knowledge of creating and construction of garments, whilst giving me skills to take on board in my future.

I enjoyed the challenge of making garments from start to finish independently this year. It makes me proud to wear something that I have made myself, for myself.

There appears to be a significant retail shift in the last few years from in-store shopping to online shopping. Australians spent $24.3 billion purchasing items online between March 2012 and March 2013. The top purchases online include items such as travel; entertainment and leisure; electronics; fashion; and food and beverages.

For me as a young designer, launching a business online has offered me amazing opportunities. Not only can I see the fashion runways at my fingertips and get inspiration for new designs, but I can market myself online using social media platforms and sell to a growing market of online consumers.



I want to thank you all for your support and involvement for me over this year… I hope you have enjoyed!

I am going to take a social media break for a little while, but watch this space for more to come in the future.


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