Design Process Year 1 Semester 2…

Year 1, Semester 2 at the Whitehouse Institute of Design… Our brief for this semester was to design and make a full body outfit of two – three garments and channelling a Spring/Summer aesthetic.


At Whitehouse, the design process is truly treated like it would be in INDUSTRY.

After many sketches and alterations… the images pictured below show my final design. I had to propose variations to my teacher before these final illustrations (both technical and styled) could be submitted to the Head of Design for signing off. After the design was approved I then had to begin making toiles of my each of the pieces.



JacketTechFinal PantTechFinal ShirtTechFinalWing Pattern2


At the end of the semester, I had to present my body, fully styled, to a panel of judges. This involved organising a model, hair, make-up, shoes and accessories to complement my design. Thank you to Kearna Philpott for modelling and Victoria University students for the hair and make-up.



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