and I am Live…


Hi, my name is Megan Fettke and this is the website that I have created, with the amazing help of my brother, William, to blog the journey that I am undertaking this year.


The Student Directed Inquiry programme offered at Scotch Oakburn College is giving me the opportunity to indulge into a deeper understanding of my passion for fashion.

My idea for my SDI is to not only design and make clothes, but to also launch my own brand that could one day be my official label,           Megan Rose.

I love designing and creating pieces that are not necessarily wearable for everyday life so I have decided to push myself to deliver a collection that is classy and judged on technique. However, I cannot fully look away from my quirky ideas so I am still doing a wearable art piece.

I have been involved in the APEX Teenage Fashion Awards for the past three years and have placed each time. In 2011 and 2012 I got chosen to go to the Nationals in Sydney and Melbourne which were both eye opening experiences. I found the Melbourne Nationals in 2012 were a great experience of what to expect in the fashion industry. They taught me about the behind-the-scenes of a runway show and how this element of the fashion world worked.


This project is something that I am really eager to get into, and I am excited to involve you in my Student Directed Inquiry.


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