American Girl Dolls

american_girl_logoWhilst in Los Angeles with my mum and dad we explored the Grove shopping centre next to the Farmer’s market. It was here that we found the American Girl Store. I had seen the dolls from this store in an episode of Modern Family so it enticed me to go in. The whole environment of the store was pretty incredible. If I had come here when I was little I am sure that I would have done my best to convince mum and dad to get a doll for me and asked for matching clothes.

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“At American Girl, we celebrate girls and all that they can be. That’s why we develop products and experiences that help girls to grow up in a wholesome way, while encouraging them to enjoy girlhood through fun and enchanting play.”


There is a hospital when you walk in the door so you can admit your doll if it is ‘sick’ or ‘injured.’ They fix the parts and treat the dolls as they need to before the dolls are discharged in good health.

There is also a salon where both the dolls and the little girls can have their hair done to match each other and the little girls can purchase matching clothes.

There is a cafe as well where you can have morning or afternoon tea and your doll gets her very own highchair.

There are two floors in this store and a large variety of dolls that can be purchased. They range from cheerleading themed to lacrosse, to the doll with the head gear braces, all with different skin and hair colours.

The large range of clothes is amazing! So many different pieces and themes and the sizes range to clothes for 12 year old girls.

Going to this store was definitely an eye opening experience of children’s dolls and accessories and just how one idea can become a craze.

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